Elders’ Statement on Racism

Dear Northlake Church family,
As spiritual leaders of Northlake we are humbled by the responsibilities put before us over the last few months. The racial tensions in our country, coupled with a global pandemic, have made for a challenge in both the physical and spiritual world. We are saddened by the injustices we see across our city, our country and the world. We have discussed how we can best meet the needs of our congregation regarding the racial tensions tearing at the seams of our country. Our church family includes members from many nations and ethnicities and is rich in this diversity! We will seek ways to further this conversation and understanding among our members.

As your elders we try to follow the teachings of the Bible in all our decisions. We approach this topic with our shared faith in Jesus and his teachings as our guide and unifying principle. We believe that all decisions should be undergirded with the love of Christ. We are humans though, flawed and without every answer. We are continuing in prayer and discussion, trying to be proactive and positive as we follow Jesus together. We have prepared the following statement to help start the process and we welcome your feedback, suggestions and support.

We, the Elders of Northlake, believe that racism and prejudice in any form are sinful and in violation of the teachings of Jesus.
We believe that God created humankind in His image. (Genesis 1.27)
We believe that Jesus died for all of humankind. (1 Corinthians 15.3)
We believe we should love our neighbors as ourselves. (Mark 12.31)
We believe we should value others more highly than ourselves. (Philippians 2.3)
We believe we should have the attitude of Christ and take on the nature of a servant. (Philippians 2.7)
We believe there is no longer Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, nor is there male and female, but we are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3.28)

Please be patient with us as this is obviously a challenging time both in our church and in our country. We are in prayer and discussion, not only among ourselves but with many others in our church family, as to the best way this situation should be addressed in a thoughtful and prayerful manner with grace, humility and love toward all.

In His love,
Your Northlake Elders

John Clinebell
Jeff Hendrick
Ralph McCluggage
Clark Miller
Charlie Roberts
Cliff Shelton
Stewart Smith
Neal Stubblefield

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