Women in the Church

At Northlake, both women and men who have the desire to serve are encouraged to fully participate in our assemblies, and as ministry and church leaders.

Our Path

Over a five-month period in 2009 and 2010, the Northlake church engaged in thoughtful study, prayer, and conversation about the full participation of women in all areas of the church, including leadership, ministry, and worship.

For many years, there had been voices, both within and outside the congregation, calling for the full participation of women in these areas. These voices were thoughtful, scholarly, and scriptural.

In February 2010, after much study, discussion, and prayer, the elders released a statement summarizing what had been learned, and announcing the decision to welcome full participation in ministry, worship, and leadership from both women and men.

" To allow some to use their gifts and others to be restricted runs counter to the inclusive nature of the gospel message."

Our Ongoing Efforts

We recognize that a truly inclusive church requires more than a statement of our belief. It is an ongoing process. During our 2019 elder selection process, we revisited our study and discussion. Our elders reiterated that both female and male nominees for the position of elder would be welcomed. While none of the women nominated chose to serve at that time, we look forward to women serving as elders in the future.

Northlake welcomes all members, especially women, to embrace the opportunities at Northlake for leadership and service. We offer training for ministry volunteers, mentorship, and support to encourage women in leadership roles.

Women at Northlake

At Northlake, you will find women leading ministries, teaching children and adult bible classes, and blessing our worship services with their talent, wisdom, knowledge, and passion for the Gospel.

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