“When I am sad, God is with me.”

MiaThis week in Training for Worship, we learned the story of Joseph being sold away by his brothers.

For many adults who have heard Joseph’s story so many times, we know what to expect, but it is always refreshing to see God’s stories anew as they are reflected to me in the eyes of our kids.

As I reached the part of the story when Joseph’s brothers think about killing him and then throw him down into a hole, a few of our little ones audibly gasped and started back.

How could this be?  They did this to their own BROTHER?!

We paused the story Sunday after Joseph is sold away from his family, and we’ll continue it next week.  At the end of class one precious, little one told me, “Ms. Crystal, that was a saaaaaad story!”  She was right!  However, the point isn’t that this part of the story is sad, but IN THE SADNESS, God was near.

You see,  I don’t want my children to expect that they will always be happy in life.  It fills my heart to see them happy, but I also know my God and I see how He works.  HE is not limited by our human emotions.

More than being happy, I want my children to know that no matter what they experience in life, no matter what they feel, they can draw close to God, and God is always close to them.

See last week’s post- “When I am afraid . . .”.


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