VBS 2020- Day 4!

Welcome to day four of VBS! Today we’re going to continue learning about local missions, and how we can be a part of God’s BIG MISSION in our own community. We’re going to talk about NETWorks and how they help people who are experiencing homelessness in the Tucker area. Our Bible story is about Jesus healing a man with Leprosy. From this story, we can learn how we’re supposed to treat others in our community, especially those that other people may see as “unclean.”

In our craft, you’ll get to make a care package for people who are experiencing homelessness. You can decorate the bag and fill it with items you think might be helpful for someone experiencing homlessness. 

Then YOU can be a part of God’s BIG MISSION by putting your care package in your car, so you’ll have it handy for when you see someone experiencing homelessness. 

Bible story: Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy (Matthew 8:1-4) 

Missions: NETWorks 

In the Bible, if someone had leprosy they were often sent away, and no one would get close to them or touch them. But not Jesus! Our Bible story today tells how Jesus touched a man with leprosy and healed him! Our mission is to be like Jesus for the people around us today.

How can we reach out to ALL people like Jesus did? NETWorks is a local mission that helps people experiencing homelessness; today we’ll learn how we can be a part of their mission too!

Volunteers at NETWorks!


FoIdable– In your packet, you’ll find a foldable with a special verse on it! This verse reminds us that when we help others who are in need, we are a part of God’s BIG MISSION. 

In your paper packet, these pages are printed back-to-back, and if you cut along the lines and fold, you have a foldable that you can illustrate to show the words on the paper.

Collection Box

Start this activity by asking kids to make several lists on a sheet of paper. Ask them to list three toys they don’t play with anymore. Then have them list three books they don’t read anymore and three clothing items they no longer wear. If you want to make it a competition, the child who completes their list first gets a special privilege for the day. Explain how there are kids who don’t have toys and books and clothes. Think together about how your kids can help by donating their unused possessions to the Northlake clothing closet or to a local homeless shelter or relief organization. 

Project: As a family, create a collection box that holds donations. Kids can donate items from their list (and from time to time) with a parent’s permission.

Thankful Thursday

What is one chore you can do to help your mom or dad? Can you clean out your closet, sweep the garage or the porch or any room in your house, collect all of the trash in your house and take it to the garbage can, vacuum the carpets, or wash dishes? You decide.

Whatever it is, make sure you tell your parents how thankful you are to them for everything they do!

Craft: Care Package 

One of the things NETWorks does is give care packages to people who are experiencing homelessness. You can make one too! Decorate the bag or write an encouraging note to go with it. It’s up to you to decide what goes in your care package. Imagine you were a person experiencing homelessness. What are some things that might be nice to receive? Here are some things you might include in your care package to help you start thinking:

Packing a Care Package

Songs: “I Love You with the Love of the Lord“, “A Common Love”

Service Reminder: Care Package 

YOU can be a part of God’s BIG MISSION by giving your care package to a person experiencing homelessness. Remember to put in your car when you finish your package, so you’ll have it on hand for someone in need. 

YOU can be a part of God’s BIG MISSION by bringing non-perishable food items to Drive-thru VBS TOMORROW, June 26th!

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