VBS 2020- Day 3!

You don’t have to travel far to learn about these incredible local missions! Day three of VBS is all about missions right here in our community. There are a lot of ways to get involved in your local community, and we’re going to learn about a couple of them today. We’re going to hear from Ms. Doris Graham about her work with the Clothing Closet, and we’ll also learn about Friends of Refugees. 

We’re going to hear a story from the Bible about a woman who was involved in a local mission. Her name is Tabitha, and she showed God’s love to so many people by making clothes for widows. You’ll get to be like Tabitha and make clothes in your paper doll craft today!

YOU can also be a part of a local mission TODAY by bringing in clothing donations to the Clothing Closet!

Bible Story: Tabitha/Dorcas (Acts 9:36-43) 

Missions: Clothing Closet and Friends of Refugees

Have you ever been to a different country where people speak a different language? That’s what many of our refugee families experience when they come to the United States. They need to learn a whole new language to communicate, and sometimes it can be hard for them to get settled in a new country. Friends of Refugees helps refugees get adjusted to living in the United States. Some of our friends from Northlake Church of Christ work with Friends of Refugees.

Clothing Closet

Clothing Closet

Imagine having to wear clothes that are too small, too tight, or have holes in them. Imagine how uncomfortable you would feel. It might even be hard to pay attention in school or get your homework done. Today, we’re going to learn about the Clothing Closet, where families can get the clothes they need for free. Jesus treated each person with love. The Clothing Closet helps people find clothes to help them feel comfortable. Now that’s a fashion statement!


Clothing Closet Sock Search

Have one person hide pairs of socks around your house. Then have another person find all the socks and match them up. Make it a challenge by putting a time limit on the person searching for socks! After you play this game, maybe you can search through your closet to find clothes to donate to the Clothing Closet!

Friends of Refugees Handshake

Many Refugee families have to leave their homes in a hurry, and they often aren’t able to take much with them. Kids in refugee camps still find ways to play games without many materials because that’s what kids do! God gives us creativity to find ways to play and have fun, even when we don’t have much. Your challenge today is to get creative and come up with your own handshake without using anything but yourself and a friend. Maybe it involves some high fives, clapping, patting your legs, a twirl, maybe even a little dance! *Take a video and share it with us!

Craft: Paper Doll 

Give your paper doll clothes that fit and are in good condition! Draw on a face that is happy with comfortable clothes!

Song: I Love You with the Love of the Lord 

Service Reminder: Clothes 

YOU can be a part of a local mission by bringing in your clothing donations to the Clothing Closet.

Our Northlake Clothing Closet can always especially use NEW underwear & socks (all sizes) as well as USED or new small men’s clothing.

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