VBS 2020- Day 2!

Welcome to Day 2 of VBS! – And today we are participating online and with our lesson guide at home.

Yesterday we learned about members of our church who have traveled a long way to spread the good news of Jesus, and today we’re going to learn about someone from the Bible who did the same thing: Paul!

The Bible Story: Paul’s Travels

If you want to see the rest of Acts, look HERE.

Missions: Hendricks in China  

Mr. Jeff and Ms. Cathy Hendrick decided to move to China for 1 year to spread God’s love and good news. They’re going to share their incredible story with us today. 

Our friend, Next, gets baptized:

Next’s Christian birthday:

Worshipping in Chinese

Jesus Loves Me video

How can I encourage missionaries?

Do you want to learn about China?


Learn some Chinese characters

It says, “God is love!” Practice drawing or tracing the characters and add some drawings of ways that God shows his love for people!

Clean-Up Contest

Use this game to teach children that many hands make light work. Place two or three towels in the center of the room, depending on how many children are participating. Cover the towels with spare toys, books, and clothing. Assign each child their own towel. There should be an equal number of items on each towel.

Round 1: Tell the kids that when you say, “go” they must run to their towel, grab one item at a time, and put it away as quickly as possible. The first child to put all of the items back in their proper place wins. *Time how long it takes for them to finish round 1.

Round 2: Use only one towel and put the same number of items on it as before. When you say, “go” the children will work together to put away the items, each child taking one item at a time as before. *Time how long it takes while working together.

Discuss which round took less time and why. Why is it better to cooperate and work with others? How did Ms. Cathy, Mr. Jeff & Ms. Doris work with other Christians to work in God’s mission?

Take a Walk Tuesday: 

Take a walk with your family around the neighborhood. As you walk together, name as many things as you can with which God has blessed you and your family. If you know of anyone in your neighborhood who is struggling, pray for God to bless them as you walk by their house. When you get home, remember to pray as a family, thanking God for all the blessings you named on your walk and asking Him to show you how you can use all of these blessings to help others.

Craft: Paper Airplane 

It takes almost 15 hours to fly from Atlanta, Georgia to Beijing, China. That’s a long flight! Make your own paper airplane and see how far it can fly!

Song: “Father Abraham” 

Father Abraham Intro

Service reminder: Coins 

Remember, YOU can be a part of God’s BIG MISSION by finding change for Predisan! We will have a coin toss at the church on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so keep bringing in your coins!

See you at the Drive-Thru TOMORROW- Wednesday, June 24th!

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