VBS 2020- Day 1!

Welcome to Vehicle Bible School 2020!

This year’s theme is International, local, and neighborhood Missions. We’re going to learn all about the different missions our church is involved in, and how YOU can be a part of God’s BIG MISSION too! 

Today, our focus is on international missions, and we’re going to think about God’s BIG MISSION of reaching ALL people. Ms. Doris Clark is going to share with us her work in Honduras. We’ll learn about the Good Samaritan Clinic, and listen to a Bible story to discover how the clinic got its name.

You’ll get to use some first aid supplies to practice your doctor skills on a stuffed animal, or learn some first aid tips to help real people! Today’s craft is a make-your-own sock mask that you can wear while you use your first aid supplies, so you can protect yourself and others while you serve in God’s Mission. 

There’s even an opportunity for YOU to be involved in an international mission! You can collect coins to donate to Predisan’s Scholarship fund to help send kids in Honduras to school. 

The Bible story: The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) 

Missions: Predisan

The Good Samaritan Clinic in Honduras provides medical care to those in need. That sounds kind of like a Bible story! Can you think of a story where someone showed God’s love by helping someone who was hurt? Predisan helps a lot of people who are hurt or sick, and they do all of these things to spread the love of Jesus to the people in Honduras. Our very own Ms. Doris Clark lived in Honduras for over 20 years, leading Predisan in their mission there. She’s going to share with us about one of Predisan’s clinics today!

Predisan Health Ministries

Craft: Make-Your-Own Sock Mask 

Today, our craft is a make-your-own-sock mask. 


First Aid: Practice your doctor skills with your first aid supplies. Our younger kids can play doctor with a stuffed animal, and our older kids can learn about good first-aid practices. Here is a worksheet to get you started. 

Water Race

Many people around the world can’t just walk to their kitchen sink to get water. Some people have to walk a really long way for it. In today’s activity, you’ll need two buckets or containers, and a cup. Fill one container with water and place it on one side of your yard or driveway.

Then put the other empty container all the way on the other side. Take the water from one container to the other by filling your cup and walking over to the other container to pour it in.

See how many times you have to walk back and forth to get the water. Use a stopwatch to see how long it takes. Time different friends/family members. Who can transfer the water the fastest without spilling?

Hand washing Discovery Activity

Hand Washing Activity Guide

Song: ”Father Abraham”

Father Abraham Intro

Service Reminder: Coins 

YOU can be a part of God’s BIG MISSION by finding coins to donate to Predisan. There will be a coin toss collection on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the end of the drive-thru, so bring your coins!

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