Transforming Conflict in the home, workplace, work and church.

In the Home, Workplace, Work
(And Church Too!)
Led by Ike Reeser
Wednesday nights, 7:00pm
Beginning March 6

I hope you’ll join me for an exploration of the ways we can transform the conflicts in which we find ourselves. Conflict doesn’t have to be destructive! We can learn to use it as creative, productive opportunities for positive growth in our lives. The topics we’ll explore include:

‪•‬ Discovering our natural conflict styles
‪•‬ How conflict develops & escalates – and how to de-escalate it
‪•‬ The role of our emotions and biases in conflict
‪•‬ How to control our thinking, and act instead of react
‪•‬ Negotiation strategies
‪•‬ How to help others in conflict
‪•‬ God’s vision for our vocation as ministers of reconciliation
‪•‬ How to make an apology
‪•‬ The healing power of forgiveness…
And More! 

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