This Week in Worship – October 14


In preparation or Sunday, October 14th

 In a distraction-free place, meditatively read through Acts 10:34-48 multiple times.  Pay careful attention to any words, phrases, or images that the Spirit especially calls to your awareness.

What most struck you?  Write why. 

As Peter had to discover God at work among the Gentile, Roman soldier, we too are called to see what God is doing within a very racially, socially, ethnically, religiously diverse city.  How can we do that?  Where do you think you need to start?


Prayer for the Week: Creator of all people – all languages, all colors, all cultures – you have made so much beauty in our world out of nothing but dust.  Give us eyes to see the wonder and beauty of your image stamped upon all those you have gathered into this city.  We pray this so that we can join you in sharing the goodness of your Kingdom with everyone.  In your beautiful name of a Jewish carpenter we pray, Amen.

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