This Sunday night marks the beginning of a new season of LIFE Groups at Northlake.  To kick things off, all participants in all groups will meet together in the auditorium at 6 pm for an introduction / orientation to the fall study.  Those who are already part of an existing group can re-affirm their commitment to a group that night, or choose another; those not already committed to a group will have the opportunity to join a group.

The church-wide focus for the 2011-12 school year is on “Learning the Way of Jesus” and becoming his disciples– and LIFE Groups have been designed to encourage us all to do just that.  James Bryan Smith’s excellent Apprentice series will guide our study.  The objective is to help all of us adopt a more Jesus-like lifestyle that carries over into every aspect of our lives.

We anticipate having some LIFE Groups meeting on Sunday nights, others on Wednesdays, still others on other weeknights.  Hopefully, there’ll be a time and place that fits everyone’s schedule.  If you’ve not yet registered, please do so as soon as possible at

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