On Resurrection Day evening, the Jesus’ friends and disciples were all huddled in a house with locked doors and drawn shutters (John 20.19).  Fear and uncertainty filled the room.  Shadows seemed safer than the light of day.  But then the resurrected Lord stepped into the room and all was changed.

The surprising reality of Easter morning is an announcement that changes everything.  We live in one world, it seems, but with the empty tomb standing silently in front of us we are confronted with another world, another way of seeing, doing, and living.

Easter is not bunnies, eggs, and chocolate on a special weekend of the year.  It is a new life that is presented to us—every day!  We can try to survive in fear and shadow; or we can accept the truth of Easter and live in the joy of God’s new creation!

Enjoy the surprise of Easter—and make Easter your way of life!









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