Sunday’s Coming–The Climax of Mark

Sunday we arrive at the climax of Mark’s drama.  Like a good storyteller, Mark has foreshadowed his theme all along.  He announced it at the very beginning—“the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”  And every so often, he keeps disclosing Jesus’ identity.  However, even knowing the theme of the story we have been surprised and amazed at the twists and turns along the way.  No king ever took such a circuitous course to the throne!

Our surprise is that the revolution that Jesus brings is one that uproots hearts not governmental practices.  The twists in the people’s expectation is that Jesus does not press to expel haughty Rome; he presses to expel haughty religious claims.  The turn Jesus demands is repentance not to arms. And so we have been stunned at the depth of Jesus’ devotion to God and to human beings.

And in following this story,  our guts tighten as we begin to fear that Jesus’ words and Jesus’ deeds are going to get him killed.  So the one thing that is no surprise is what happens in the dead of night in an olive grove on the lower reaches of the Mount of Olives.

Jesus is betrayed and taken into custody.  Will Jesus’ secretive mission to usher in God’s rule into the world languish at the hands of those have the most to lose in this clash of worldviews?  How will the unlikely king establish his rule now?Jesus is enthroned–but it won’t look anything like Westminster Cathedral.  

And the most unlikely testimony to the coronation will be offered in “The Military Report.”  See you Sunday!

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