Sunday’s Coming–Power and . . . . Faith

If you can imagine the biggest and most powerful forces in the world what would they be?  Mark has a list–the incredible power of nature, the destructive power of evil in the world, and the inexplicable power of sickness and death.  It’s a pretty good list!

We can control a lot of things in our day.  We reside in conditioned homes, shop in communities protected by police, and get health care that enables us to live longer lives.  But even so–when tornadoes ramble across Alabama or the illegal drug trade breaks open in violence, or the best work of skilled medical professionals fails–we are still faced with trouble.

Jesus faces the trouble of his day in our texts this Sunday (Mark 4:35-6:6).  He takes on natural forces, demonic forces, and the darkness of disease and death.  And through it all an implicit question is lurking: “What do you make of this Jesus guy?” “Will you believe?”

See you Sunday!

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