Sunday’s Coming!

Each Sunday in June we are exploring various practices that are a part of Christian worship.  The theme this Sunday will ask about the practice that gets us wet!  Christian baptism sometimes gets pushed aside as being an old ritual.  And sometimes it gets ignored because for some people baptism was so distorted to become the very thing that brings salvation and life.

But if we patiently look at the witness of Scripture and the historic practice of the Church we learn the beauty and wonder of this gift that God gives to us.  And rather than just a dip in a pool, baptism becomes a sign that points us to God’s grace to save.

So come this Sunday with an expectation to learn more about the meaning of baptism.  And if you would like to do some reading ahead of time, then download The Splish Splash of God’s Salvation: The Meaning of Baptism for God’s Community

See you Sunday!

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