Sunday’s Coming!

Tom Long writes: “Sunday is not just one more day in a string of days.

Church of the "Lord's Prayer", Jerusalem

Rather, Sunday, as the day of worship, is the essence of the week, the Day of all Days, the day that discloses what is deep and hidden, but nonetheless true, about every day.  Sunday worship is like the key scene in a play where suddenly everything in the rest of the drama becomes clear and all the characters are seen in a true light.  Or again, just as a rainbow displays the colors that are always present, but not apparent, in ordinary daylight, so Sunday worship refracts and makes visible what is true every day, that god is Lord over all days, over all time.”

Key scenes in a a film or play, rainbow refractions–Sunday worship.  Hope that you will order your weekend so that you are in attendance this Sunday as we gather to remember and acknowledge what is most real and true about life!

This Sunday, we will explore how to talk to God, or the practice of prayer.  Seems basic but as our human experience reminds us–it takes work to have a meaningful conversation!  A fresh look at the Lord’s Prayer will serve as our guide

See you Sunday!



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