The Chosen/Women of the Old Testament

The Chosen: Season 2

This will be a special video and discussion class dedicated to experiencing the life of Jesus portrayed… see how Jesus walked… how Jesus saw people… how people reacted to Jesus. Meeting in the chapel upstairs, this class will include guided discussions and in-class viewing to aid in reflection and growth. Class sessions will also include prayer to invite the Holy Spirit to work in us. Scripture references for episode stories and characters will be provided.

Women of the Old Testament

From Esther, a courageous leader who came to power “for such a time as this,” to the little-known Rizpah, a grieving mother who watched over the bodies of her murdered sons, the Old Testament is full of women who found creative ways to assert themselves and who played important roles in the history of Israel and the story of God. Meeting in the Forum downstairs, this class will look at the stories of notable women in the Old Testament, how they fit into the narrative of the Bible, and what we can learn from them.

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