Predisan Psalm Challenge

Our Predisan Psalm Challenge is going on now as our kids raise scholarship money for our friends in Honduras! Join in!

To participate:

1) Work with your child to memorize a Psalm.     

2) Make a recording of your child reciting the Psalm & share it with Ms. Crystal (


*There is no limit so once your child learns one, tackle another.  *Do what works for your family and/or child.  You know them best!

Be Creative!

*Split up the Psalm and you say one line, your child says the next all the way through.  *Use visual prompts, pictures, motions, or whatever they need!  *Make it fun & engaging! *If you have a little one, maybe they can fill in keywords as you read a passage. *Search online for a song version of the Psalm to learn, practice & then sing it!  Sing it together! Take your time.

We have donors who have given funds to match our kids’ efforts!  We sure love Predisan and all that they do for the people of Honduras.  Let’s continue to partner with them and support the families uplifted by Predisan’s Scholarship program during this time of physical separation!

Thank you to these young friends:

Learn more about Predisan’s Scholarship Education program HERE.

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