Praying for Muslims through Ramadan

The Islamic season of Ramadan begins on Monday.  So for the 30 days of August Muslims throughout the world will fast through the daylight hours, gather for special times of prayer and celebrations with family and friends, and participate in taking care of the poor.  It is a major event among Muslims and throughout August we will hear much about Muslim communities.

But the coming of Ramadan brings a specific opportunity for Christian people.  Why not use this next month as a time to learn about Islam and pray for Muslims throughout the world?  To help with this one group has develop a prayer guide for Ramadan.  World Christian has prepared a special guide for this year’s Ramadan.  It is a well done and thoughtful guide that offers helpful information about Islam and about the many countries throughout the world where Islam is practiced.  Called the 30 Days of Prayer, you can follow it online, or purchase it online.  Additionally, about 60 copies are available at Northlake in the gallery.

As the world becomes smaller and we learn more about our neighbors it is easy to become concerned or even reactive about people of different faiths.  Rather than become critical or reactive, as Christian people, we have a calling to pray for others.  I hope that you will use the month of August to pray for Muslims.

May the peace we know through Jesus the Christ come through the whole world!

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