Picnic or Feast?

The Prime Time Sunday School Class turned out in good numbers with the lead of Bob and Joan Cooper to provide an August 1st picnic dinner for the residents of Christian Towers Senior Living Community in Decatur.   One gentleman told Marion Baggett, “This is not a picnic; it’s a feast!”

A special thanks goes to Bob and Joan, the organizers, and chief cook Aaron Zee who smoked the delicious bar-b-que chicken.   Many other class members prepared the side dishes and an array of tempting desserts which were also a big hit.  Comments like, “Oh, that smells so good,” were often heard as residents approached the tables to pick up their picnic dinner.  One lady told Faye Hardiman, “It is the best chicken I have ever had.  I would love to see what he can do with a pig.”

Along with Prime Time servers were also three helpful young men– Chet Wiseman played the piano providing background dinner music; Joel Rice and Emory Brown were quick to give a helping hand to those in wheel chairs or with walkers and needed a bit of assistance. 

After hearing many comments of appreciation, Joan said that one resident followed them around during the clean up saying, “You don’t even know what you have done this evening.”   Could we surmise that he was saying the evening included something more than food?  This service project blessed the residents and us.  Thanks to all who participated!

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