Peace Playground


Wednesdays, 6:30pm
At the Lakes Apartments in Clarkston

Northlakers and neighborhood kids have been meeting weekly this summer
to learn
 how to live and love in a peaceful world together. We’ve taught how peacemaking makes us courageous, requiring us to fight against dark powers
of evil while acting lovingly to those we call our enemies. Through singing, drama, dance, arts, music & conversation, we see how peace can permeate hearts, families, and neighborhoods to make our world more Christ-like. We hope to not only give away hugs & play fun
games, but to learn the peaceful
way of Jesus and His Kingdom of Love.  Jesus is the greatest peacemaker,
so we seek to embody this Spirit to these kids we call our
neighbors and

There are 4 weeks of Peace Playground left for the summer. Please consider
ways you can be involved, remembering that peaceful people create peaceful communities. So come, share, and join us in the hard and joyful task of peacemaking, as we seek to create and participate in the Loving Community
of God. You can meet at Northlake at 6:15, or meet us at the Lakes
at 6:30 to join in the fun
.   Peace, peace and more peace to you all,

Your friends and family in Clarkston

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