Paying It Forward…

Our last mission trip of the summer returned from New Orleans last week and the teens and adults who piled out of the vans were still excited about the experience. Every group that returns makes me wish I had gone with them. It also made me remember an email I received earlier in the summer from Amy Goode, a former member at Decatur, and I think you might want to read it too.  It’s good to know that the emphasis this congregation has placed for many years on helping our teens experience ministry and missions bears much fruit for the Kingdom! – Ike

“You may not remember me, but when I was at ‘Decatur’  I was Amy Watrous  which yes was sadly (yikes!) 25 years ago this year.  My family moved from Atlanta right after my high school graduation in June of 1986.  Wow, so much time has passed.  I am now married for 22+ years and have two children of my own—crazy!   I just thought you  might like to hear a “full circle” story.  When I was at Decatur I was on the first T.I.M.E. team with Vann to Royston, GA.  The next year, we went with you and Gwyn to Potter Children’s Home in Bowling Green, KY.   Major seeds planted!   Three weeks from now I will be one of the adult chaperones taking a group from our congregation to work at Potter Children’s Home!  This will be my 12 year old daughter’s first “mission” trip and I am so excited to be sharing it with her.  She is precious and I know how much this trip is going to mean to her because I have experienced it first hand.   Thanks for taking the time all those years ago to begin mission experiences with teens–it is being ‘paid forward’.  – Amy Watrous Goode”

We love you (and remember you!) Amy and hope it was as great a trip as the ones we shared with you!

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