“Open Communion Every Sunday”?

“Open Communion Every Sunday”?


At times you may notice the words “Open Communion Every Sunday” on the Northlake Church of Christ sign on Cooledge Road. We post these words as both a message and an invitation to our community.

You may be more familiar with the terms “Lord’s Supper”, “Holy Communion”, “Eucharist”, “Breaking of Bread”, or others, depending on your particular experience or background. These are different words describing the same significant event – followers of Jesus gathering around His table at His invitation for the purpose of remembering and celebrating Jesus’ love and sacrifice for His people.

At Northlake we practice “open” communion, which simply means that any follower of our Lord Jesus Christ is welcome to participate, whether a Northlake member or not. We emphasize that Jesus is the one who invites us to partake in this most meaningful meal. It is at His invitation that we take time every week in our Sunday morning worship service to pass the bread and the fruit of the vine among the congregation, taking time to reflect upon His sacrifice and love for His people.

We invite you to join us for this Communion at any time!

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