Nov 30: Advent Daily Devotional

May we say with Job, scriptures archetype of the enduring and patient servant of the Lord,

The Spirit of God has made me;

    the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

(Job 33.4)

Let this bold claim remind us of our breath, as we claim the life given us by God.

Take 5 for this simple breathing exercise. Breath is a fundamental part of spiritual practice. It connects us to that Great Breath within, the Spirit of God that dwells in the depths of us. This source of life, when embodied, is a force that is restoring Creation to its true glory. As we wait for the glorious peace and justice promised to us, may we find our breath and be transformed by its Spirit-filled power.

Let us practice the “Waiting Breath” we are practicing during our online worship with this breathing exercise from the Beautiful Chorus.

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