Northlake’s Response to Tornado Outbreak

A number of Northlakers are asking if we are planning a church-wide response to the recent day of destructive tornadoes across the South, just as we did with Hurricane Katrina and the answer is – “We would like to!”

Since we just completed a period of time of raising a contribution for Japan, and since (unlike Japan) this crisis is right in our back yard… it seems that instead of primarily raising money (though some funds will be needed for whatever we do) our response can and should be one of a personal investment of time and work. Again, like in the aftermath of Katrina, it will probably take time for us to recognize the opportunity that God is likely going to give us. And that opportunity will probably come through a relative, a friend, who knows? … but we must be listening.

So, if you know of someone in need of help because of this crisis, please contact me (Ike) and let’s talk about how Northlake might help. And, if you feel strongly that you would like to assist in finding this opportunity, let me know that too.

Ike Reeser

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