Northlake Japan Relief Sent to Two Ministries

Over recent weeks Northlake has generously given $13,000 to provide help and share the hope of our faith in Jesus with the people of Japan.  That money is being sent to two organizations.  First, $11,000 is on its way to the Park Avenue Church of Christ in Memphis, TN to be distributed to relief efforts in Ibaraki and Sendai, Japan–both regions damaged by the earthquakes.  The Park Avenue congregation has been involved for many years in Japanese missions and have ministers and missionaries currently working in Japan.  The second organization ($2000) is a network of churches that Tetsuji and Kaori Noguchi are connected to in Tokyo.  These congregations are also involved in relief and mission work in damaged areas of Japan.

Thanks to Northlake for the generosity of the people and we continue to pray for God’s mercy on the people of Japan!

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