Northlake in Clarkston on a “Peace Playground”

peace playground photoThe first three weeks of Peace Playground have been full of joy and love as we learn about the way of peace. This summer we are talking about people who are “Peacemakers”. Each week we are focusing on a new peacemaker, and discovering the ways God has used the unique gifts of each person to make peace in the world. So far we have reviewed and reflected on Martin Luther King Jr. and last summer’s peace principles, as well as listened to music by Bono and U2 that changed a violently divided Ireland, and learned about speaking out from Archbishop Oscar Romero, who stood alongside the poor and oppressed in El Salvador. This week we step into the life of Clarence Jordan who stood up for racial reconciliation during the Civil Rights Era, authored the Cotton Patch Gospels and was a founding member of Koinonia Farms. Kids are looking for heroes, in comic books, in teachers, in parents, and we want them to know about these wonderful heroes for peace in their world. We have high hopes and dreams for how these Wednesday nights might inspire peace.  We can become each others peacemaking “heroes”, each of us pursuing peace for the sake of our neighbor and friend. Come be changed with us as we learn to be more peaceful people, as we seek the Kingdom of Christ here in our neighborhood.

Peace of Christ,

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