Northlake Honduras Mission Milestone

August 1986-2016
I am proud that the Northlake congregation is the founding “mother” church of the Predisan Mission.  Thirty years ago this month Dr. Robert and myself, Doris Clark, along with children Kendra and Robert Jr. began our life in Honduras. I wish to give tribute to the “TLC Send Off” support group who gave us vision, encouragement, laughter, and resources for our family’s transition. Look at this photo and you will recognize several couples who are current Northlake members, just 30 years younger!  

The late Dr. Clark, Jan Wagner, Daryl Smithwick, and Charlie Walton have not lived to see the fruit God has produced through their efforts and that of hundreds of others as we reach this 30-year milestone. Today, Northlake Church graciously supports God’s work in partnership with 300 Honduran Christian staff who provide physical healing to about 125,000 people, and are the compassionate witnesses of Jesus as healer and provider of hope and peace, even in a troubled, poverty stricken world. 
This 2013 photo shows many more familiar faces and is a sampling of the many Northlakers and nearby friends who have visited Predisan and directly participated in the Mission.  Any one of these people can tell you about the impact of Predisan in Honduras and the impact that their involvement has had on their personal life.
Thank you, Northlake, for continuing to support Predisan workers who impart God’s mercy and the good news story of Jesus. 
Doris Clark
Predisan Founder  



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