Message from Kyle

Dear Northlake Family,

I am always grateful that God’s design includes the Body of Christ.  As I visit Northlake this month, I am reminded of His power and universal presence and work.  I am reminded that God is perfect and I am privileged to participate in a relationship with Him permitting a beam of light to penetrate the darkness around us.

The Christian community in our family’s home town Catacamas, Honduras, struggles to avoid immersion in darkness.  Followers of Christ stumble languishing in reactive emotions, positions of fear, passivity, or paralysis from acts of violence, incidents of crime, and frequent death in our city and surrounding areas.  The tendency to join the media, the street talk, and the political chatter about the events of yesterday is ever tempting.  As I accompany the Northlake family in Atlanta this week, I observe this common struggle with the presence of darkness, the temptation to become passive, the invitation to join Godless chatter and forget we are called to follow God’s grace and work for reconciliation in a broken world.

At PREDISAN, our staff uses Monday mornings to recommit to shining light through a united moment of praise and worship in which we express awe before God and remind our fragile minds and wavering hearts that He is King.  This constant reminder of the work of the kingdom Is essential for us to submit to the task at hand.  We then commit our hands to be His hands and reach out to our patients, visitors, and communities with actions of love. 

Interacting with school children

 Let us all rejoice as we are called by God to walk in light and reflect His light! 

 Thanks to all of you for your outreach to our family and the warmth we receive from Northlake Church as fellow members of Christ’s Body.


Dr. Madrid visiting family in a marginal barrio.



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