Meet Amber Auter – NYM Summer Intern

Northlake is happy to have Amber Auter this summer as a Youth Intern with the NYM.  Amber is a Senior at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee and is majoring in Youth Ministry.  We thought it would be interesting to have Amber reflect at the beginning of her time with us, answering a couple of questions about her hopes for this summer with the youth group.


What activities are you looking forward to as an intern at Northlake?
“I am looking forward to getting to be involved with Sidewalk Sunday School, and seeing the ministry that takes place there. I am also looking forward to the New Orleans mission trip at the end of the summer, and just getting to help take the word of God outside of our little community.”

How are you expecting God to work through the youth ministry this summer?
“I truly hope that this summer is a time of learning. I hope that through activities and lesson I can show the youth the love and support of God that I continue to experience everyday. But I am also hoping that I will see God working through each of the students lives, and that I can learn from them as much as I hope to teach them.”

What are you hoping to gain from your experiences this summer?
“By the end of the summer I hope to have gained a better understanding of how a church placed within such a diverse community handles the unique situations that arise. I also hope to walk away from my summer here at Northlake not just with head knowledge and experience, but also having formed some new friendships.”

Again, we’re happy to have Amber with us this summer and look forward to the work she’ll be doing with the NYM.  If you haven’t had a chance to say hello to Amber, be sure to meet her this Sunday or drop her an email if you have a question.


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