May Updates from Mission Predisan

The Northlake Church is a founding supporter of the medical mission PREDISAN in Catacamas, Honduras.  One of the nationally recognized health programs of PREDISAN is CEREPA, a Christian focused rehabilitation program for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  The theme “23 YEARS OF LIGHT AND HOPE” was chosen to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of CEREPA.  The staff organized and celebrated 5 community events during the week of May 24.  These events attracted the city of Catacamas and brought in recovering ex-patients from all regions of Honduras.   The first event was the “Adventure of Life March” with participating students from 15 schools who carried their own banners and posters with messages that reflected their decision to say NO to drugs.   The March concluded with a special program in front of City Hall.

Secondly, community churches were invited to participate in a united worship service.  Over 4oo attended the evening of praise and worship giving God the glory for power to overcome addictions, “the Battle is the Lord’s.”   A third event was the celebratory reunion of ex-patients representing 19 AA groups across Honduras.   The fourth event was a Friday night fundraising dinner in which more than 280 community leaders/guests enjoyed a festive evening.

Last, but not least, was the organized Youth Soccer Tournament in which 11 teams valiantly competed to gain the winner’s trophy.    CEREPA/Predisan staff work tirelessly to promote awareness and prevention of drug abuse, as well as, to increase local support that helps sustain the rehab program in its mission to bring God’s light and hope each year to scores of persons caught up in addiction.  See illustrative photos below of Student March, special anniversary cake, and CEREPA staff and patients surrounding the anniversary banner.














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