Lent Daily Devotionals

Some say Lent is a reminder of mortality. To consider the limits of our human condition, our fragile lives and our sinfulness. But Lent is about so much more. Lent is about restoring our HUMANITY. It is to remind us of the limitless power of a life committed to the ways of Jesus. No doubt, we must confess our sins and seek to make right where we have done wrong. But again this is only part of the story. This transformative season is a witness to the power of God to restore, redeem, reconcile, and ultimately, RESURRECT!

Most people know Lent as the season where Christians give up something special. But this tradition too has been a casualty of a narrow view of Lent. The fuller tradition is to give something up, like meat, in order to prayerfully give the money saved to feeding the poor or helping those in need. This mystical sign is not one of mortal limits, but of our expansive humanity. This Lenten season we encourage you to focus on prayerful action that grows your own humanity, to become the person God has created you to be, to embody the spirit of Jesus in your life. For then surely on Easter we will celebrate lives made new by Christ Jesus.

In our daily devotionals, you will be invited to prayerfully remember the life of Jesus through readings from the Gospels and practices of prayer. We also encourage you to consider how you might accompany these devotionals with actions to help others. Remember you are part of a community of faith when you join our daily devotionals. If you would like to share prayers or reflections, please feel encouraged to do so in the comments. We are thankful for you, family. We love you. May God’s grace guide us in the ways of peace.

Lenten Devotionals start this Wednesday, and can be found on Facebook, email and northlake.org

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