Lent Daily Devotional: 3/11/21

Luke 8.49-56

While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the synagogue leader’s house, saying to Jairus, “Your daughter has died. Don’t bother the teacher any longer.”

When Jesus heard this, he responded, “Don’t be afraid; just keep trusting, and she will be healed.”

When he came to the house, he didn’t allow anyone to enter with him except Peter, John, and James, and the child’s father and mother. They were all crying and mourning for her, but Jesus said, “Don’t cry. She isn’t dead. She’s only sleeping.”

They laughed at him because they knew she was dead.

Taking her hand, Jesus called out, “Child, get up.” Her life returned and she got up at once. He directed them to give her something to eat. Her parents were beside themselves with joy, but he ordered them to tell no one what had happened.

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