LABS Experiment: Afternoon Tea

On a recent Saturday afternoon, for the first experiment in our LABS course,  five of us from Northlake were hosted by the Madhav Dulal family at their apartment in Clarkston.  We received a very warm welcome from this extremely gracious family.  As introductions were made, we were privileged to get to know Madhav and his wife and two children, Madhav’s sister, and his mother and father.  We realized that we were meeting three generations of this remarkable family.  All of them have been in the States about three years, having spent the previous eighteen years in a refugee camp in Nepal, after fleeing death threats and religious persecution in their native Bhutan.  It was indeed a humbling experience to see the grace and dignity that abounds in this family, in spite of the challenges they have faced in the past and those they continue to face as newcomers to America.  We enjoyed overflowing hospitality…Instead of the “afternoon tea” we were expecting, we were served an entire meal.  I don’t think any of us realized just how big a feast God had prepared for us…on so many levels.  I am anxious to get to know the Dulal family better, as time goes on.  As you look at the picture above, see if you can identify each of the family members.

Greg Hayes

* * *

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