How is your small group going?  Kimbra and I are really enjoying ours (which meets on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm in the Parlor).  In case you didn’t know, we have 15 groups going right now, and we now have more people meeting weekly in these groups than we have EVER had in Northlake’s history.  All the glory to God for that!

I’m also enjoying doing the weekly “Soul Training Exercises” suggested by James Bryan Smith in The Good and Beautiful God.  Last week my group’s challenge was to pray the 23rd Psalm a couple of times each day.  At first that didn’t sound like something all that profound, but Kimbra and I agreed that we would pray it together the first thing each morning and the last thing before closing our eyes each night.  I can attest that doing this simple exercise did have a profound effect on both of us.  We found ourselves feeling a sense of comfort and peace, as we meditated on THE LORD who restores our soul, who guides us through the valley of the shadow of death, and who provides everything we need.  What a thought!  We found ourselves even reciting it almost spontaneously at odd times.

I know your group may not be doing things exactly as ours is, but if it is, I would strongly encourage each person to embrace these simple practices which will strengthen your walk.  It thrills me to think that my small group is part of a larger network of groups, all of whom are lovingly challenging each other to grow daily in God’s love and grace!

And if you’re not involved in a group this fall, it’s not too late!  A number of groups are still open to new members and would love to include you.  Just Email Ike Reeser ( and let him know when you can meet, and he’ll get you plugged in.  If you’ve got any good feedback for me regarding your group, I’d love to hear it!

NOTE: Most small groups will not meet this weekend… instead, everyone is invited to a special time of worship at 6:00 pm at the building, with a sandwich supper to follow.

Brent Wiseman

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