Honoring Al & Ruth Bastin

Recognition of  Al and Ruth by DCT/GCT Board of Directors & Northlake Church

alruthbastinOver 40 years ago, God placed in the hearts of visionary leaders of the Decatur Church of Christ (now Northlake Church of Christ) that it would be good for our senior neighbors to have a safe and affordable community where their quality of life would be enhanced by caring expressions of His love.  Today, the visible result of God’s Kingdom work are Decatur Christian Towers and Gwinnett Christian Terrace, thriving communities that have exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations.

Among those visionaries were Al and Ruth Bastin, charter members of the Decatur Church. Al served many years as a board member and Ruth worked diligently on the administrative staff during the critical early formative years.  Together they helped make the vision become brick & mortar, and then helped fill these places with God’s love and care. Later, Al served and led as Board President for multiple decades, until stepping down in 2005, but remained an active board member until just a couple of years ago.

Al & Ruth’s faithfulness to God’s kingdom work has contributed to community development and safe, affordable housing for seniors with caring Christian environments.  Their example of humble leadership and diligent work is an inspiration to us, the Northlake Church, as well as to the larger community.

All of us have been richly blessed through our shared experiences of getting to know and love our neighbors at Decatur Christian Towers and Gwinnett Christian Terrace. Our awesome God does not disappoint as we step out in faith and work together for His glory.

On Sunday, September 25, the DCT/GCT Board of Directors and the Northlake Church praised God for this work and lovingly gave recognition to Al and Ruth Bastin for their exemplary lives of love and service.   If you would like to add a word of appreciation to Al and Ruth, please email:   bastina@bellsouth.net


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