Great Date Night or Kid’s Night Out?

Couples and Parents,

Remember this Saturday night we will offer free babysitting (all ages) in conjunction with GREAT DATE NIGHT from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. 
Another way to look at it would be … Kids, we are offering some time for your parents during KIDS NIGHT OUT!
If I gave you a book the first month remember to bring your conversation sheets for the second chapter. If you don’t have a book we will have a free one for you Saturday. This week’s theme is LEARNING TO TALK. We will start the short starter video at 6:05 sharp … try to be on time because it really helps to get your date night conversations off to a great start. 
You will be free by 6:30 pm to strike out in any direction you would like for your date. Last month I heard good reports of dates ranging from dinner and strolling around the square in Decatur to fast food and speed walking the church parking lot. 
The Coopers, the Zees, and I will be working with the kids (feed them Supper before you drop them off!). 
And remember… Couples with or without kids are welcome.

Hello there!

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