For Our Kids- June 7

Each week during June & July, there will be a paper packet at the church building labeled for each family in a tub outside the church office door. This will contain a lesson guide for parents and materials needed for a craft, activity, & service mission for the week. The tub will be out Friday-Sunday so you can come by at the best time for your family. If you can help by delivering packets to families without transportation, contact Crystal O’Neal (

For the month of June we’ll be thinking all about MISSIONS!

We’re going to start off with the story that surrounds our focus passage from the Bible for this month- Matthew 28:18-20.

Here’s a video to help you think about this passage:

What is the Great Comission? Video
Color, cut out and glue/tape together to help think about how we share the good news of Jesus & make disciples.


Have 1 person hide (they can take their megaphone with them). Other people stay together & count to 20.  Then, listen. The hider should start with a whisper, saying,

“Go and make disciples.”

Then the hider gets louder, and louder, and LOUDER until the others find them! When they are found, celebrate together!

Listening to Jesus’ directions is GOOD!

Now, take turns listening & proclaiming!

Talk together: *How do we listen to Jesus’ direction in our lives? *How do we teach others to follow Jesus’ commands? *What actions help us to follow Jesus’ commands? *Why is it important that Jesus says He is with us always?

FAMILY MISSION- Every week, you’ll have a mission to complete as a family. This week, your mission is . . .

Sing to Someone!

Choose someone- you can look in the church directory, look around your neighborhood, or your family- but challenge yourself to go to someone you might not normally encourage in this way. 

Plan ahead or do a “front yard pop-in” and encourage someone with a song! (safely distanced, of course!)

Suggestions: “This Little Christian Light of Mine”, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands”, Into My Heart”, or let your child choose a favorite song that would spread the good news of Jesus!


To help you continue your lesson this week, use this tracking sheet.

Thanks to Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry for this awesome tool for thinking about discipleship as a way of life!

MISSIONS: Week 1- Lesson Guide

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