For Our Kids- June 21

This month we’re exploring Christian MISSIONS! Last week we heard a story about Jonah who didn’t want to go on the mission God gave him. This week let’s hear about someone who is seeking to obey God through giving!


The Widow’s Offering


When the coins go in, celebrate together!

Giving to God’s mission is GOOD!

Talk together:

*How do you think the widow felt as she gave her coins?

*How do you think the rich people felt as they gave their coins?

*What kind of giving does God want from us?

*Share a time that you sacrificed to be able to give to God’s mission somewhere. 

Older Kids- *How could you sacrifice to give now?  Is there a way you could earn money to give to someone or a group who are doing Christian ministry?  Take time to research some groups that are working in your area or look for a project that’s special to you or your family.

SING: “More Precious Than Silver”

SONG- “More Precious Than Silver”

CRAFT: The Widows Offering Coloring sheet 

FAMILY MISSION: Share Cookies with Dad or Father Figure

Choose someone- it could be your own dad or if you have done something special for him already, maybe a grandfather, uncle, coach, or another man who has been a leader in your life. 

Spend time together as you enjoy a snack.  You might try to think of a favorite time you spent together in the past year.

coloring sheet
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