For Our Kids- June 14

Remember- our theme for the month of June is MISSIONS!

Last week we thought about Matthew 28:16-20, and listened to Jesus’ call to join His work of spreading the Good News!

Sing along with our memory verse for this month!

This week, let’s look at a familiar story, and think about the mission God gave to Jonah . . .

Jonah 3:1-3a

“Then the Lord spoke his word to Jonah again. The Lord said, “Get up. Go to the great city Nineveh. Preach against it what I tell you.”
So, Jonah obeyed the Lord. He got up and went to Nineveh.”


Make your own Jonah & the whale and act out how God saved Jonah, invited Jonah to work in God’s kingdom, & go on a mission.

Jonah & the Whale Craft


Have 1 person give directions & the rest of the group listen and follow along.

When they obey, celebrate together!

Listening to God’s call is GOOD!

Now, take turns listening & obeying!

Talk together:

*How did Jonah listen to God’s call?

*How do we listen to God’s call in our lives?

*Share a time that you listened to God & obeyed.

Older Kids- *I wonder why Jonah didn’t obey God’s call at first.  Read the book of Jonah in the Bible together. See if you can discover the reason. (Chapter 4)  Have you ever had similar challenges in your life to following God’s call?

SING: “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”

“I Love You With Love of the Lord” OR “My God is So Big”

FAMILY MISSION: Share a Juice Box

Choose someone- you can look in the church directory, look around your neighborhood, or your family, but challenge yourself to go to someone you might not normally encourage in this way. 

Plan ahead or do a “front yard pop-in”- leave one juice box out for your friend & enjoy one yourself! (safely distanced, of course!)  You might ask them to share a time they listened to God’s call.

*Write an encouraging note or draw a picture to attach to the juice box you’re leaving for your friend!*

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