For Our Kids- July 19

BIBLE STORY: Don’t Worry Matthew 6:25-34 

ACTIVITY: Nature Scavenger Hunt  

Our Bible verse talks about how beautifully God dresses the flowers. Flowers have so many beautiful colors, and so do many of the other creatures on Earth! Go on a scavenger hunt and see if you can find every color in the rainbow. Look for colorful birds, bugs, plants, and flowers. See how many different colors you can find!


*How does God care for the nature you found today?

*How does God take care of you?

*Do you think the creatures you found worry about being taken care of?

*What can you do when you have worries? 

CRAFT: Make a Creature 

Use the Model Magic to make your own creature! It can be a creature that already exists or one that you design. Don’t forget to paint it when it’s done drying! (You could also use Playdough if you have it.)

SONG: “Hippo Song”

FAMILY MISSION: Feed the Birds

Make a bird feeder by taking an empty paper towel roll and covering it in peanut butter (other types of butter work well too if there is a nut allergy). Then roll the paper towel roll covered in peanut butter in the bird seed. Your bird feeder is ready to hang up! Hang it in your yard or choose someone—you can look in the church directory, look around your neighborhood, or your family—and hang it in their yard. Plan ahead or do a “front yard pop-in” and encourage someone by bringing beautiful birds to their yard!


“Lord, your word tells us that all of your ways are perfect and that all of your promises are true. You are a shield for anyone who looks to you for protection. You make us surefooted as the deer. Let us learn these lessons from your creation. Give us hearts like yours for even the smallest creatures and let us accept your love and care with joy and thanksgiving. Amen.”

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