For Our Kids- Aug. 23

During the month of August, we’re going to explore a spiritual exercise together each week- something you can practice together, as a family! These are practices that are designed to give attention to spiritual matters and in doing so, make your spirit strong. Just like we exercise our bodies, our spirits need exercise too!


Today’s Spiritual Exercise is Christian Meditation!

Mr. Chris is going to lead us in Christian Meditation today:

How can you use worship music for Christian Meditation in your home this week?

BIBLE STORY: Saul Becomes Paul

During the month of August, we’ve been thinking about Bible stories that reveal something about the spiritual world that may be unseen to us on a typical day, but in each of these stories we are reminded that there is more to life that what we see with our physical eyes, and our MIGHTY God sees ALL!

In today’s story, Saul has a glimpse (a tiny peek) at the unseen and it CHANGES him entirely. May God give us peeks at the spiritual world and may God transform us each day as we draw near to Him.

Explaining Transformation


In our Bible story today, Paul was transformed! In our Game, we’re going to pretend to transform into different animals. Choose a leader. The leader calls out an animal’s name and everyone else listens to know how to “transform”. Each time the leader calls out a new animal, everyone “transforms” into that animal- movements, sounds, and all! Take turns being the leader- and have fun!

TALK ABOUT IT: Could someone else tell that you were transforming each time? Did you sound different? Look different? What about when Paul was transformed in our Bible story today? Could people tell the difference in the way he behaved and the words he said? What about in us- when God transforms us, do we act & speak differently? Tell about a time that happened in your life.

CRAFT- Saul becomes Paul

Materials: Printout of Saul craft OR white paper (draw your own)

Download & print your copy HERE!

You can also draw your own version of Saul/Paul. Draw on a small slip of paper- 1) eyes to hate & persecute, then 2) blind eyes that do not see, then 3) eyes that see as God sees- the truth of Jesus & hope of His kingdom!

Close your time together with a prayer inviting God to transform you in ways, maybe you can’t even imagine yet, but that God surely SEES! Have a wonderful Sunday!


Snack– Let each child pick a small cracker, candy, or any small piece of food and tape to a piece of paper. Imagine something new there! Can you “transform” the candy into a person – using a marker to add head, feet, arms, etc.? TALK ABOUT IT: How was your bit of food transformed? How is this like how Saul was transformed? How is God transforming each of us?

Just the Story!

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