Family Bible Study- Mar. 21st

Welcome to Weekly Family Bible Study!

We are so excited that EASTER IS COMING!

Join us as we remember this BIG story of God’s redeeming LOVE together!

This week, we’ll see Jesus great POWER OVER DEATH.

Bible Story Picture

*ACTIVITY- Sad or happy?
Read different scenarios and ask the group to act out being happy or sad depending on the situation. Encourage them to ham it up and be silly.
•You won first prize at a dance competition.
•Your baseball team lost every game.
•You skinned your knee while climbing a tree.
•You got invited to your friend’s birthday party.

Older Kids– Make a pattern around your circle- happy, sad, happy, sad- and make up your own situations to fit the pattern.
Our Bible story today starts with sad news and ends with a happy event. We’ll learn more soon!

*Read the Bible Together– Get out your Bible. Practice using the table of contents to find the Book of John.

John is in the New Testament. It is 1 of the Gospels- the books that tell us the story of Jesus’ life. This week, choose a volunteer to read aloud John 11: 25-26.

*Watch the Bible Story Together

*Talk about it!

  • What does it mean for Jesus to be “the resurrection and the life”?
    • How can Christians feel joy even in the middle of sad times?
    • What is eternal life, and when does it begin?
  • Why do you think Jesus wept when He knew He could raise Lazarus from the dead?
    • What hope do we have, even in death?
    • Do you know anyone who is grieving? Pray that God would comfort him or her.
  • What did Jesus heal people from? Jesus healed people from sickness, sin, and death.


Thank you, God, for sending Jesus to show us how to live, and letting him be in charge of life and death. Help me to trust Jesus with my life.

*GAME- Freeze Tag

Play tag. 1 person is the tagger and 1 person is the special person who can unfreeze people. Whenever anyone gets tagged, they have to freeze! Only the special person can go and unfreeze them – a bit like Jesus . . . what do you think?

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