Families: Contexts for Growing Up To Be Like Jesus


Everyone of us is on a journey—a journey to be more like the One we call Lord.  And although we walk along many different paths, there are some very important and vital similarities.  Each of us are in relationships with others.  And most of us have families.


When I say families, I am not speaking of two parents, two children, a dog, and a cat.  Rather, I am saying that each of us have parents, brothers, sisters, children, and people whom we did not necessarily choose that are still very much a part of our identity and place in life.  Some of us are married; some are single.  And in each of these roles and relationships we are faced with particular challenges and opportunities.


One way to think about these special family relationships is to ask how those relationships are a part of our context of maturation, part of our spiritual growth and maturity.  Being married or being single, being a parent or a child, and all the other relationships that are part of our lives are the foundational building blocks that God uses to shape us to be like Jesus.


So each week from now through the end of May we will take a look at various relationships that make up our lives and ask: How might God be using each one of those contexts to mold, make, and shape a Christ-like life!


This Sunday: Marriage and Accountability Partners

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