Ezra-Nehemiah Spring 2011

“The God of heaven will give us success.  We his servants will start rebuilding…”
Nehemiah 2:20

Spring is coming, and with it comes many transitions.  The weather warms, trees and flowers bloom with new life, and birds are chirping in their trees as an overall season of renewal and life becomes our focus.

This Spring Quarter for Adult Formation, our classes will focus on this time of restoration and renewal.

We will enter into the world of Ezra and Nehemiah and the call God placed on their lives to rebuild more than just a temple and some walls.  The leaders were commissioned to rebuild life, community, faith, and devotion to God’s purposes for His people.

It was a time of restoration and renewal.

It was a time to unite, embrace hope and work together towards a new future.  God drew them out of winter and into springtime.  And spring is upon this church, and we don’t just mean the weather.  We have been through a “winter.”  We have faced tough times.  Good friends are no longer with us.  But God is bringing an end to this season and creating new life in our community.

What can we learn from Ezra and Nehemiah about closing one chapter of our lives and opening another?

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