Dec 5: Advent Daily Devotional

📸  Archipelago in Göteborg, Sweden

Advent Awareness Examen

How well do you pay attention? This Advent season we will conclude our weekly activities with the prayerful practice of the Examen developed by Ignatius of Loyola. The practice has a simple structure that makes it accessible to all. The goal is to become more aware of God’s presence in our lives through a prayerful reflection on our lives. 

Begin by finding a quiet space in your home or outside. Pay attention to your needs: Do you need complete silence? Do you need fresh air? Do you need a comfy blanket? Do you need paper and pastels? What do you need to quiet your soul? Spend a moment in the quiet of your soul space.

Identify moments in your week you are thankful for as your week comes to a close. Remember how you felt in those moments. Relive them in your mind and savor the opportunity to enjoy them again. Offer thanks and praise for these moments.

Open your heart to the full story of your week. Reflect on the happenings and doings. Give yourself grace as you relive the week and contemplate your living of it. Take your time. Stop if you need a break. Spend a little extra time in any significant moments.

Consider where you were aware of God’s presence. How was God’s moving and working around you? Were you resistant to God? Were you open to God’s movement in your life?

Consider God’s desires for your life? Is God calling you to any specific action? How is God transforming your life? 

Imagine next week, as you invite God’s Spirit to restore and transform your life?

Close your practice with a prayer of thanks for the space and grace to grow.

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