Breakfast Contribution for Hollygrove Church

It’s been 6 years this week since Hurricane Katrina struck a deadly blow to the gulf coast so we decided to send last Sunday’s Breakfast donation to the Hollygrove Church of Christ in New Orleans. We will send a check for $289.

Hollygrove is a plant of the Carrollton Avenue Church and has been the focus of most of our efforts both on Spring and Summer mission trips over the last few years. Carrollton took a big step of faith when they reached out to this distressed New Orleans neighborhood by buying a small lot with 2 “shotgun” houses, one of which had been converted some years ago into a building for a church. Both structures were completely flooded out by Katrina. Since then Carrollton and their partners have done a great job in reconstruction. 

The next phase of this project is to reconstruct a small house on a lot just behind the Hollygrove building as living space for Charles and Angela Marsalis their ministers. Everyone who goes on a mission trip to New Orleans falls in love with Ms Angela (and her cooking!). We like Charles pretty good too!

Ministers Staff Meeting for Hollygrove / Carrollton Church, from right to left Charles, Kirk, Xander

Hello there!

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