Be a Citizen of Shalom City!

Be a Citizen of Shalom City! 
Sidewalk Sunday School 2012

One of the Biblical metaphors for the church is the “Body of Christ.”  The foot needing the ear, the hand needing the mouth… the interdependence of the old and young must be embraced for us to be His Body, a body intended for MOVEMENT!  A healthy body is not constantly still.  When I think about the physical “body of Jesus” moving in this community, I get excited about the places He would go, the people He would meet, the things He would do.  Just like in the first incarnation, he would walk the streets of this community “preaching good news to the poor”, among them being the refugee population in our own “backyard”.

This summer during our 6th year of Wednesday evening SSS we will work with children to build “Shalom City” by taking Dr. King’s principles of non-violence and teach them to spread God’s Shalom in their neighborhood.  To do this well, WE NEED YOU – people of all ages and gifts, etc. to be the second incarnation of Jesus as partners in peace with our refugee neighbors.

Please plan to attend an informational meeting on Sunday, May 6 at 4pm to discover how you can be a part of the Body of Jesus in this community.  If you have questions, please talk to Shawn Duncan.

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