Ash Wednesday Graphic

Christians for hundreds of years have dedicated the 40 days leading up to Easter as a time to reflect on Christ and their own spiritual journey, they came to call this time “Lent.” Lent is a season to renew our commitment to the mission of Christ by ridding ourselves of distractions in order to focus on the way of Jesus. Ash Wednesday is a reminder that change and growth are essential parts of the life of faith. Each of us must first look within ourselves to refine our hearts, minds, spirit and actions. When we enter into the struggle of transformation then we begin the world changing work of God. Worship on Ash Wednesday is a way to embody and enact the story of redemption that runs through all of history from Abraham and Sarah to Jesus to the community at Northlake. Join us in this dramatic journey into the passion of Jesus through which the transformative power of God’s love has broken into our world to redeem all of Creation.

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