Advent Daily Devotionals Nov 30-Dec 24

The next four weeks fall during the season of Advent. Each year we use this season to recommit and refocus our lives of prayer and action. During this season, we will have a special DAILY DEVOTIONAL series that will accompany our Sunday worship to draw us deeper into the spirituality of Advent.

This is an opportunity to look beyond the moral horizon of this violent world toward a more beautiful, peaceful and just reality. To prayerfully inhabit God’s promise, and experience communion with the Spirit that inspires our movement. Many are feeling the strong desire to be swept up into this season. To be transformed by its redemptive and life-giving movement. Our hope is that we can find some rhythm of prayer during this season that will create space for connection, creativity and communion.

Everyone feels the busyness and stress of the world around us right now, but let us recognize the importance of daily worship as a way of transcending chaos and finding the ordered rhythm of God’s presence. On our Facebook page, website and through daily emails you will find the daily devotionals in the morning. Series starts this coming Monday, November 30 and runs through Christmas Eve! Make a plan to set aside some time each day for worship. The series will explore grounding meditations, visual art, Bible study, music, poetry, and spiritual introspection. We hope this series will be a blessing to you as we ready our souls with the resilient hope that is found in Jesus.

Here our Advent Playlist to get you in the spirit 😍

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