Adult classes

New Adult Formation Classes Begin  
Next Sunday, March 11 at 9:00am

 Forty Years With Moses in the Wilderness:
The Journey From Homeland to the Holy Land,
From Slavery to Freedom
(March 11 – May 27)

Israel’s journey through the wilderness gave the prophets, and even Jesus himself a powerful image on which to reflect during desperate times of trial, life’s pilgrimage, and the realization of our absolute dependence on God’s grace. This spring the Koinonia and Prime Time classes will study the most important stops that Israel made along its way from Egypt to Canaan. The focus will be on the spiritual challenges and the transformation of this people from slaves in Egypt to the free people ruled by God in Canaan. These stories demonstrate how one can live life being fully redeemed, yet face periods of failure, depression, uncertainty, and even defection. You’ll find a bit of light in these stories for your own journey through the wilderness.

 The Journey to Easter
March 11 – April 8
Families: The Context For Growing Up To Be Like Jesus
April 15-May 27

During the spring until Easter the Connections class and the Spanish Bible Study class will follow the sermon series focusing on the Lenten texts that lead us to Jesus’ passion and resurrection. After Easter they will shift to texts that address our primary relationships and how they shape us into Christ’s likeness.

 The Front Porch class is studying The Case for Christ – A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel.

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